A Poem: when Demons rear their ugly heads

when Demons rear their ugly heads… In Technicolor scenes, the past is re-lived, the present is stifled, and the future is destroyed. Nightmarish battles are waged; lines are drawn in the sand, as the war hungry continue to invade the land. But you have to Fight! Take a moment to reflect on the future, of […]

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A Novel: Excerpt

CHAPTER “Good morning, Daddy,” Allie said as she shuffled into the kitchen pulling her long blond hair back into a ponytail. “Sweetheart!  How did you sleep?  Good, I hope.  Though you are up early.  I didn’t expect you up until at least nine.  Christ, child, it’s 5:30.” “Pops, I told you this isn’t a vacation.  […]

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Bitter Leaf – An Excerpt

Bitter leaf – she loved the stuff.  Morning, when she first woke; afternoon, when she was preparing the inn for visitors; and evening, before bed.  She loved it!  Oft, she’d fall asleep with it tucked between her cheeks and gums to wake up, take a gulp of mead to infuse the leaves for that first […]

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