The Difficult Conversations Not Being Had About Game of Thrones

I think the perspective of both articles below is really interesting. I would like to direct your attention to an article from the telegraph that surmises the sexual violence and misogyny in Game of Thrones is good for women and then another article from Entertainment Weekly where the actress who plays Brienne of Tarth, Gwendoline Christie gives her opinion on Season 5’s most disturbing sequences.

Both articles are worth considering. I think the horrific things that happen in Game of Thrones are so difficult because they remind us of the way people use violence to gain power of others; and it is not just a gender issue. They force us to look at the good and the bad of what it means to be human. Unfortunately, instead of debating the rape and dismemberment of Theon Greyjoy, we only focus on the rape of Sansa. We really should be talking about all of it, not just the crimes against women…but then, maybe we haven’t completely embraced equality enough to recognize that gender and race don’t matter as much as the crimes against humanity as a whole (which both gender and race fall under).

My favorite character in GOT is Arya. I believe of all the characters, she has had the most transformation of any character I’ve ever read. And no one is talking about the post traumatic stress that she battles with because of the death and murder she’s seen. No one. In fact, we all love her ballsy-ness. We should be considering the change in Arya, and discussing how the death of a parent at a young age could truly affect a young person’s psyche…and then we should figure out how we should be helping these kids. Sure, Arya’s journey into becoming an assassin is a bit extreme, but it is no more self-destructive than a kid who watched her mother violently shot to death by her father might become over the duration of her life.

Game of Thrones is a phenomenal series; and if you are truly paying attention on an intellectual level, every bit of storyline, no matter how convoluted, addresses a social challenge we as a society have to figure out to get to a better world for EVERYONE.

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